Googlemail to prevent Mailing under the Influence

This somehow leads to to several conclusions:

1. Passing allong mangiven responisbility to a machine is now officially cool

2. You have to be drunk to use Googlemail or (insert random Data Sucking/Mining Google Service here)

3. Is Google just testing technology on shutting up those free speech advocates in countries like China?

4. Will Apple release an iDrunk (iDrug) software that will capture your transcending deficit of sanity on the weekend to share with your friends?

5. Will Google be able to stop the increasing stupidity of mankind?

Managing Bookmarks on multiple machines

Ok, so you’ve got like 2 workstations, a notebook perhaps some netbooks and you have a load of bookmarks you want to have on all machines…. perhaps including your machine @ work….

There is a pretty nifty online bookmark manager plugin from StartAid which will allow you to manage your bookmarks online, publish them to other users and export to XML or HTML.

Get the Extension here

Here are some of the key features taken directly from the addon site:

– Similar feel to built in bookmark manager.
– All your bookmarks are accessible from Firefox and VIA through your personal account
– Built in Side Bar
– No Synchronization required, all changes are real-time
– Import existing bookmarks from your browser or favorite social bookmarking site.
– Your personal profile will allow you to track all your bookmark stats.
– Drag and Drop management system.
– Quick and Detailed bookmarking options.
– Organize bookmarks allows you to move multiple bookmarks and categories at once
– Quick Link buttons for your toolbar

Pimp my Shell

Want some color in your shell logins?

There is a package for Ubuntu and Debian (and i suppose for the other Distros) which will automatically generate a color system logo for your shell.

You can install the package using:

apt-get install linuxlogo

Next, write the logo to your motd or issue file using the command

/usr/bin/linux_logo > /etc/motd




Note: This may not work will all types of terminals