How to DoS the Cisco Identity Services Engine ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

On the journey to CCNA Security (210-260)

  • Option 1: Try to login ise
  • Option 2: Do not login for 45 days…. because you forgot you had an ISE lab running
  • Double or nothing: Do not login for 45 days because you forgot the password scribbled somewhere on your labnotes
  • Protip: The admin password can vary for the cli and web gui, however, this can be a double edged sword – also might want to change the default password expiry

Adjusting log timestamps to localtime on Cisco IOS devices

Correlating Log files are an important aspect when responding to incidents/attacks/outages regarding your Cisco devices.

However I have noticed for a while that my logging timestamps are off an hour from the actual clock synced by NTP.

After some digging I realized that Cisco devices use
service timestamps log datetime
as a default. You can check the default values using the command:
sh run all | inc timestamp
In order for your logs to use the local clock time you need to issue the command
device(config)# service timestamp log datetime localtime
From now on, your logging timestamp should be identical to your local time on the device.