Citrix Makes XenServer available for free

Obviously, this step is taken in order to battle VMware and its free ESXi server.

Compared by the XenServer vs. ESXi feature set, Citrix offers enterprise level technology such as Live Migration (Xen Motion compared to VMotion for ESX) and many others features for free. Also, Xen is teaming up with Microsoft on Hyper-V in deploying Virtualization Management software.

But VMware is also teaming up with Cisco (Fibre Channel over Ethernet, Unified IO Nexus Hardware ), Emulex (Fibre Channel over Ethernet Host Bus Adapters, CNA ) and EMC²

Last week I attended a presentation event by VMware and its peers (Cisco, Emulex, EMC²) and we can expect quite a few cool features & technology to come.

IBM releases 2008 Trend & Risk report

In addition to standard vulnerability, malware, spam, phishing, and web threat statistics, the 2008 X-Force Threat and Risk Report features the following special topics:

  • Exploitation Economics. Why some “critical” vulnerabilities may not be so critical.
  • Web applications. The Achilles heel of corporate IT security.
  • Better Browsers. More secure (if you update) but still the main exploitation target.
  • Bad Web Links. More prolific for spam, phishing, and the delivery of malicious code.