Turkey Citizens respond to Twitter censorship (via DNS)

Internet censorship is bad – especially when it is abused to censor media reports about potentially corrupt government officials. Luckily a lot of incompetent people try to implement censorship via DNS.

Censorship via DNS is a method which is pretty easy to bypass and some people have responded to this this:


And no, I will not go into detail here on how to do it right – for obvious reasons….



Remove unofficial debian-multimedia.org repository from your sources


The unofficial third party repository Debian Multimedia stopped using the domain debian-multimedia.org some months ago. The domain expired and it is now registered again by someone unknown to Debian. (If we’re wrong on this point, please sent us an email so we can take over the domain! 😉 )

This means that the repository is no longer safe to use, and you should remove the related entries from your sources.list file.


29c3 Recording Mirrors

Pasted from http://events.ccc.de/congress/2012/wiki/Documentation

These mirrors sync directly from the main FeM-mirror. If you want an fast download experience the usage of a BitTorrent client is recommended.

  • mirror.fem-net.de (6 machines in dns round robin, each connected with 1GE or 10GE, also reachable over ftp and sometimes rsync, dualstack)
  • mirror.netcologne.de (also reachable over ftp and rsync, 2x1GBit/sec, dualstack, part of mirror.fem-net.de)
  • ftp.ccc.de (4 machines in dns round robin, also reachable over ftp, dualstack)
  • webinterface with thumbnails: http://media.ccc.de/browse/congress/2012 will be available when all talks are ready
  • Experimental HTML5 congress video experience: http://video.events.ccc.de/
  • ftp.halifax.RWTH-Aachen.de (also reachable over ftp and rsync, 10 GBit/sec, German research network, IPv4 only)
  • 29c3.mirror.speedpartner.de (http only, 1 GBit/sec, dualstack)