App based Aquarium measurements with the JBL Easy Test

For my freshwater aquariums I tend to use the JBL Easytest 6 in 1 which offer a very fast way of check Aquarium stats.

JBL has released their Testing Strips in combination with a color card and app which allows you to scan an track your Aquarium stats so i decided to give it a try.

The App is quite simple – you create an account and register your aquariums. Once you scan your measurements you can track them online a see a history of your stats.

Once you create multiple measurements you can track the history of your stats as seen here:

In the case above you can visually see the impact of a 30% water change on the stats.

The App also informs you about recommended task in order to fix your stats, along with some own product recommendations of course 😉


  • Easy tracking with a history view of your stats
  • Adds date created so not much manual documentation required
  • Easy Testing: Insert, wait 60 seconds and take a photo
  • Acces via Smartphone or online


  • Sort of expensive but a real time saver, refill kits are a bit cheaper if you already have the color card
  • Multi-Test strips have a bad reputation for being inaccurate
  • requires an online account In order to use with history data

English Product Page: