Changing window control layout in Ubuntu 10.04 beta

Some changes in Ubuntu are really annoying. Switching from esd to pulseaudio was definitely my favorite for 2009.

The window control button change currently running in the 10.04 beta is a canidate for this award in 2010.

Here is a quick and dirty fix in order to allign your controls to the right side of the window using the gconf-editor (note to Windows Users: this is almost as using the Registry Editor):

  1. launch gconf-editor from a console
  2. switch the directory tree to apps –> metacity –> general
  3. find the key named button_layout
  4. change the value to menu:maximize,minimize,close,
  5. take a deep breath 🙂

Android: Using your local Amazon MP3 shop with WWE Roms

Some Android custom Roms are only available in WWE (World Wide English) which is not really a big deal. However there are a few exceptions when it comes to native characters or services based upon your locale.

Since I live in germany, i have a german Amazon account which I use for online purchase including my music.

When downloading AmazonMP3 from the market, the application will check your locale and set the Amazon Shop accordingly. In most cases of WWE Roms, this will be AmazonMP3(US) and you wont be able to purchase MP3s with your native account (DE in my case).

Using morelocale 2 you can manually set your locale to your preferred area and you should be able to use your native provider ignoring the WWE locale on your phone.