Month: October 2007

Enemy Territory: Quakewars – Linux Client released

Omg with all that betatesting on hg:l i totally forgot about this one… Well as soon as i have some time i will compare the overall linux performance to the windows client using the newst drivers on both sides in an offline bot game.

Ubuntu 7.10 “Gutsy Gibbon” released

Download Section is up Hit the Upgrade Button in the Package Management to upgrade to Gutsy and plan in sone time for downloading all the packets ( if you dont have 1337 bandwith, that is 😉 )

[q&d] annoying system bell

The system bell is one of the most annoying features on many Linux installations. When an error occurs regarding keyboard input, the system will response with an annoying beep. If you use the tab function on the console this feature can drive you crazy…. There are 2 ways to shut up your box: In order …

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