Visualizing the Diffie-Hellman key exchange

If you just want to watch so the video, here you go. But this article also contains some more information below.

In 2010 I blogged about Khan Academy featuring free video lectures. Seems like the site is growing quite well with topics covering a large spectrum of science.

One of the most interesting video series I found there was Journey into Cryptography

It offers a great oversight of encryption methods, historical relevance and most importantly, emerging patterns that offer an attack vector due to lack of entropy which leads to a low key-strength. This video is a great way to get into the principles of cryptography.

The series can also be watch directly on youtube via this playlist:

New list released

As it comes to no surprise, Linux totally dominates on this field.


Operating system Family Count System Share (%) Rmax (GFlops) Rpeak (GFlops) Cores
Linux 469 93.8 155667628 221440076 14109948
Unix 20 4 4264437 5326824 200096
Mixed 7 1.4 1453422 1749811 528384
Windows 3 0.6 465600 628129 46092
BSD Based 1 0.2 122400 131072 1280

Hacking at Random 2009 program online

The program for the upcoming outdoor hacking event in the Netherlands is online with some very promising topics:

Stay tuned for my upcoming outdoor hacker event survival guide 😉 launches HUGE NASA Image Archive 

WASHINGTON — NASA and Internet Archive, a non-profit digital library based in San Francisco, made available the most comprehensive compilation ever of NASA’s vast collection of photographs, historic film and video Thursday. Located at, the Internet site combines for the first time 21 major NASA imagery collections into a single, searchable online resource. A link to the Web site will appear on the

Check it out at – a very awesome image collection!