Month: July 2008 launches HUGE NASA Image Archive¬† WASHINGTON — NASA and Internet Archive, a non-profit digital library based in San Francisco, made available the most comprehensive compilation ever of NASA’s vast collection of photographs, historic film and video Thursday. Located at, the Internet site combines for the first time 21 major NASA imagery collections into a single, searchable online resource. … launches HUGE NASA Image Archive Read More »

HAR2009 announced

Regarding this years pseudo random number generator flaw in Debians SSL implementation, the Galactic Hacker Party continues 2009 inthe Netherlands with Hackers at Random ICMP4 is still 2 weeks away and im already looking forward to August 2009 ūüôā

DNS Cache poisoning flaw

In order to check your ISPs DNS for vulnerabilites, Dan Kaminski has posted an online¬†tool on his website¬†to check the vulnerability status. Until the vulnerability has been fully disclosed, you will have to stick with the check on¬† VU#800113¬†Multiple DNS implementations vulnerable to cache poisoning Dan actually appeared on a youtube video discussing this issue: …

DNS Cache poisoning flaw Read More »

The Website is down

I know by now that probably everyone in the IT field has seen this but just for the fun of it… Here it is again: Apple Geek ranting about Windows and playing Halo, just love it! If your Webserver hast too much uptime, be sure to visit