Android mobile client for Nagios

Nagroid is a mobile client that speaks to nagios via http/https licensed under GPLv2.

The client will let you configure category aware notification sounds for either Warning Alarms, Critical Alarms or Down/Unreachable alarms and allows you to filter handled problems.

This app goes along very well with ConnectBot (GPLv3) if  https/https access via SSH tunnel is required.

Pretty neat, but I guess the xmpp notifiaction is more practical to me when it comes to Nagios.

Chaos Computer Club Heilbronn is born

On Tuesday, September 15th, the Chaos Computer Club Heilbronn will have its first meeting. After years of meetings with my local Linux Unix User Group, I would like to meet with more hackers from various paths of technology.

So me an Fabian decided to start this project.

For now, the contents will be available in german only.

Visit if you want to stop by our meetings and/or participate in the wiki.