Tribute to the fiber optic cable

No media component has so dramatically increased the progress of information technology more than the fibre optic cable.

So i decided to gather some information about the manufacturing process and other interesting facts.

Video: Corning Glass Fiber Optic Cable – Historical Footage

Video:Manufaturing a fiber optic cable [english]

Video:Manufaturing a fiber optic cable [german]

Video: Short Film about Undersea cabling – How Fiber Optics Work

Eavesdropping on fiber optic cable

If you have any more interesting footage, let me know by email and i will be glad to update.

[DE] Mounting outdoor Wi-Fi Devices

Freifunk is a german initiative of private people operating a wireless netwerk througout cities and communities. The basic goals are interconnecting neighborhoods and communities to data networks but also getting together and modifying Wi-Fi hardware, basically a bunch of geeks that create large wireless networks for fun and information exchange.

The Wiki from the Leipzig Project Group features a compact guide on ourdoor mounting and usage of indoor Wi-Fi devices.

If you speak german and plan on setting up an antennae a router or maybe even joining an open network community you will find some quick and effective setup guides on mounting your devices without them being exterminated by the forces of nature (pictures included πŸ˜‰ ) Its best to have a helpful and nifty community member handy to pimp your Wi-Fi

Find a freifunk near you

Free networking video tutorials

Had this one on quite a while ago, but since it got lost with my old s9y stuff ill repost it πŸ˜‰ features some very good video tutorials for various network administration tasks such as DNS and Webservers in both Linux and Windows environments. These videos will only supply you with very basic knoledge but are a good start.

You will also get an impression on the differences of administrating a Linux and a Windows Server (in case you havent noticed yet πŸ˜‰ )

DMCA = Datenschutzgesetz?

Today i stumbled across something odd. A search engine query was censored by the german google search notifying that an entry was removed due to the DMCA (Digital Milennium Copyright Act) which was translated as Datenschutzgesetz. This term actually states a data privacy law not a a copyright law

Note to self: If you censor data queries, make sure you give correctly translated errors otherwise disinformation ensues…

I still prefer the translation errors in which hilarity ensues (All your base are belong…)