Asus Eee sales starting in Taiwan

Asus has released its ultra mobile low cost notebook eee 701 in 4 different versions varying in the amount of Ram and the size of the solide state hard disk. Sales are so far limited to Taiwan but the eee will definitely hit the European market this year.

The cheapest eee features 256 MB of DDR2 ram and a 2GB solid state disk at around 170€ whereas the top model consists of a 4GB solid state disk and 512 MB ram at around 300€. So far, these are the prices in Taiwan so there is no definite price tag for the market in Europe yet. The batteries will be between 4800 and 5200 mA which should keep the notebook powered on between 2,8 and 3,5 hours.

Check out these videos on youtube on the eee presentations so far:

Asus Eee 701 Preview

Asus Eee PC Live Demo