ICMP4: First Lecture Schedule is up

The small version of the Chaos Communication Camp, the ICMP4 aka. Intergalaktische Club Mate Party is less than one month away. The first lectures are popping up on the schedule, including mine

I will be holding a presentation which is a mix between a hacking and a social track about criminalization of computer security and computer analysis tools using wireshark as an example.

Why a packet sniffer?

  • can be used to analyze security breaches and penetration test of ones own  principal network design regarding wiretapping
  • can be used to analyze common network interconnectivity problems
  • can be used to learn and understand how network communication actually works
  • can also be used to gather personal information on people and their communication (eavesdropping) which is the actual contrary of this tool set, after all if there was no malicious content, no one would give a rats ass about it. This is not what my lecture will be about…

Why Wireshark?

  • its open source and available for multiple platforms
  • its currently one of the most developed packet sniffers out there with very cool additional features
  • captured packet output format is compatible with tcpdump so the actual sniffing part does not even require wireshark nor a desktop environment

Presentation will be up about one or two days before the event, I might also upload an English version in case someone is interested.