my Acer Aspire One 110L arrived

Got my Acer Aspire One 110L yesterday and just upgraded the Ram from 512 MB to 1,5GB, which is a real pain compared to other Notebooks with a dedicated access bay to the SO-DIMM slot. 0-Day warranty destruction is a must 😉

Here is a video documenting the Ram upgrade

The display quality is really amazing regarding the size of the Netbook. Very clear and sharp but it might take me some time to geht used to the glossy display type.

Overall the build quality is very good although the shiny cover will have your fingerprints all over the place 😀

I was having quite a hard time with the operating system – i simply hate yum because the performance sucks pretty bad when installing applications. The user interface is OK i guess – the Xandros Desktop on the Eee PC is far better (and its Debian powered 🙂 )

I will be going for Ubuntu – either the Netbook remix or the new Ubuntu UME.

Some more footage will follow…