Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Server: In depth Mail Gateway Guide

Ok this is not new but probably one of the best Linux tutorials i have ever seen. The Guide consists of 104 Pages from the server install up to the working thing featuring many screenshots. Here is a list of features this server covers:

  •  Postfix w/Bayesian Filtering and Anti-Backscatter (Relay Recipients)
  • MailScanner (Spamassassin, ClamAV, Pyzor, Razor, DCC-Client)
  • MailWatch, SPF Checks, FuzzyOcr, PDF/XLS/Phishing Sanesecurity Signatures
  • Postfix-GLD (Greylisting Optional)
  • Logwatch Statistical Reporting (Optional)
  • Outgoing Disclaimer with alterMIME (Optional)
  • FireHOL (Iptables Firewall)
  • Apache, Mysql, Bind
  • Apache, Mysql, Bind,



Author: Robin

Job Education: IT specialist system integration Job: Server Admin and Network Operator