Ubuntu 9.04 released

Jaunty Jackalope is IMHO. so far the best choice for any Netbook users out there.
I have been running the beta on my 1000HE for about 2 weeks now and its running great with very few minor issues. Finally, every bit of hardware was detected and installed with no further interaction necessary.

If you are running on an EEE PC, i can recommend getting the Eeeasy scripts for improved APCI and fan control.

Bootchart clocks the bootup time with a nice 29 seconds and i will also be installing and testing it on the AspireOne A110L and the good old EEE701.

The official release comes in 3 Tracks:

  • Desktop: ok we dont need to discuss this one 😉
  • Server: Built for Servers, no graphical foo (now features encrypted /home directories)
  • Netbook-Remix: Designed for small screens with good “Out of the Box” hardware support for netbooks

Update: The Aspire One 110L with a SSD drive clocks at 17 Seconds bootup time