Good News Everyone!

Season 6 is the upcoming season of Futurama and the first season of the second run. With 26 episodes, season 6 is so far the largest season, beating season 3 during the original run, which had 22 episodes.

From a broadcasting perspective, season 6 will be the seventh and the eighth broadcast season, with 12 episodes in 2010 and 14 episodes following in 2011,[3] which would make “The Mutants Are Revolting” broadcast season 7‘s season finale as previously hinted.[4] Which will make episode 6ACV13 the season première of broadcast season 8, but given it is a holiday special,[4] broadcast season 8 may already start in December of 2010.

The première for season 6 – and thus broadcast season 7 – is scheduled for 24 June, 2010.[1][2]