WP and permalink recovery

Just tried to play around with the permalink features of WordPress and immediately was kicked out with a 500… Since i have have never been in need of mod_rewrite i didnt realize that this feature was not available by my host provider (Strato)

So in case this should ever happen to you:

1. Remove the .htaccess file in your wp root

2. You will know regain access to your WP site, but all the links are still messed up

3. Login to the Administration panel and set the permalinks to default

4. Once you update the permalink setting, you will be kicked out again immediately

5. Leave the browser window with the error open and remove the newly generated .htacccess file again

6. Now reload the error page and you should be back to your default permalinks

Author: Robin

Job Education: IT specialist system integration Job: Server Admin and Network Operator