– Ubuntu Diary (german)

Free, functional and secure – 3 options that have the potential to blow MS Vista and Mac OS X out of the way and pave out the road to success for a mainstream Linux.

Easy for beginners to install and use, it consists of the Debian base prefered by the veterans in the Linux sector. The german news magazine Spiegel is taking a look at Ubuntu in a practical context…

Day 1: Intro

Day 2: Live Boot

Day 3: Choose a Desktop 

Comment: Ok this guy seems to be a good test subject since he is a real noob. In the article he writes that he obtained a usb wlan device in addition to his integrated one in order to surf faster on the net…

Upgrading a 802.11b (11 Mbit/s) to a 802.11g (54 Mbit/s) device will do squat if you only have a 4MBit Internet connection unless you are actually using technology that is about 10 Years old (regarding original 802.11 hardware used from 1997-1999 with 2 Mbit/s) 😉