Backtrack 3 on the Eee PC

Just gave the Eee PC a few testing runs with backtrack booting from a usb pen drive. Just download the full usb version and follow the installation instructions to create a bootable distro.

The backtrack distro scales pretty fine to the Eee PC resolution but requires a manual interface reset so the monitoring works correctly.

Simply associate the wireless devices by using the following commands:

airmon-ng stop ath0
airmon-ng start wifi0

Note that i will not post any instructions on how to crack encrypted wireless networks or such. If network administration is your profession then take the time to learn and explore with bt3 on your own equiptment and use your knowledge to block off script kiddie pranksters or use up-to-date encryption.

My next goal is to boot bt3 from a 1GB sd card and store it with my Eee PC in case i need it. The current bootable version should fit but regarding prices for flash memory, a 2 GB SD card surely wont hurt your wallet.

Btw. the Eee PC boot menu can be accessed by pressing Escape during the POST screen.


Backtrack 3 will boot from an SD card as well, installation procedure is the same .