FanMod Fixes Dark Souls Resolution

The Dark Souls release for the PC is a rather sloppy port from the Console Version. Having played the Original Dark Souls for both PS3 and XBOX360 I can confirm this. However a Fan of the Game released a fix that will allow you to boost up the resolution from the native 1024×720 to modern PC game resoltions.

The fix can be found at In oder for the fix to work, you need to disable the ingame AA.
Prepare to Die in High-Res 🙂

Geestmerambacht 2013

In case you missed the presentation this weekend, at the closing of the eth0:2012 summer event, the date and location for OHM2013 (the next edition in the series of four-yearly Dutch hacker camps) have been announced:

July 31st – August 4th 2013
The Netherlands

CyanogenMod10 on the GT-P7501 and GT-P3100

Since the ICS update for the Galaxy Tab 10.1n (German Version of the 10.1 GT-P7500) still has yet to see an OTA update and I was eager to try out Jellybean. I rooted both my Galaxy Tab 10.1n and my Galaxy Tab 2 7.

Galaxy Tab 10.1n
The 10.1n is identical to the internationally shipped 10.1 (aka GT-P7500). The only difference is the Design due to the patent dispute with Apple in Germany.

XDA: Galaxy Tab 10.1 subforum
XDA: How to Root the 10.1

Odin can be used to flash both Tablets, so keep it handy if you want to experiment in the future.
The Current CM10 with Jellybean is very stable and seems to be working fine. I havent fund any critical bugs so far.

The thread for CM10 on the 10.1n can be found . Just remember to install the Googleapps as well if you want to use the Google Services (Market, Mail etc.)

Galaxy Tab 2 7
XDA: Galaxy Tab 2 subforum
XDA: Rooting the Galaxy Tab 2 7 (GT-P3100)

If you have installed the Samsung OTA onto the Stock ICS Version 4.0.4 you might experience some difficulties installing the ClockworkMod Recovery. With the OTA, the Recovery will not be persistent and is thrown out after you boot the Tablet into Android. The link above on rooting the P3100 includes the Fix for the nonpersistent Recovery Manager. It includes a fix-recovery Zip that will deal with the problem. The rooting process is pretty much identical to the 10.1

Why install JellyBean?
There is one good reason – performance boost. The User interface is a lot faster and more responsive than ICS. I will add a detailed test for CM10 once it has gone out of experimental status.
So far the sophistication on the Roms nowadays is so good, that even experimental builds work surprisingly well compared to 2-3 years ago from the postings about Custom Roms on the HTC Hero.

Visualizing the Internet takedown in Egypt with bgplay

BGP ist often used in order to Censor the Internet on behalf of the government.

From the technical side this is an interesting process when asking yourself “How would a government shutdown the Internet if they had/want to – and is this even possible?”

Well, the current situation in Egypt shows that a goverment backened takedown is possible.

From the bgpmon blog:

Different media are reporting that Internet and other forms of electronic communications are being disrupted in Egypt. Presumably after a government order in response to the protests. Looking at BGP data we can confirm that according to our analysis 88% of the ‘Egyptian Internet’ has fallen of the Internet. In this post I’ll share some observations I made with regards to the reachability of Egyptian networks and providers.

The article lists the biggest ISPs in Egypt and the current prefix changes made. Using the Autonomous System Nr. (ASN), you can visualize the BPG route announcements.

The most noteable prefix changes involve AS8452 AS24863 and AS36992.

Go to (requires Java) and set the timeframe around 2011-01-27 at around 10PM and watch.
With all prefixes removed, LINKdotNET-AS using AS24863 and the Prefix shows the greatest impact.

By the way, one of the most noteable events in the last years involving BGP was the failed censorship of youtube by Pakistan Telecom. I recommend watching this video before looking at the Egypt situation because it includes commentary on what is happening.

Registration for Ubuntu One Windows client Beta is open

What is Ubuntu One?

Ubuntu One is your personal cloud. But it’s not just about syncing files — whether you need to access your contacts, notes or bookmarks from any computer or the web, enjoy your favorite music from a cloud integrated store or stream your entire collection to iPhone and Android mobile phones — we’ve raised the bar on personal clouds.

For more info, visit

Good News Everyone!

Season 6 is the upcoming season of Futurama and the first season of the second run. With 26 episodes, season 6 is so far the largest season, beating season 3 during the original run, which had 22 episodes.

From a broadcasting perspective, season 6 will be the seventh and the eighth broadcast season, with 12 episodes in 2010 and 14 episodes following in 2011,[3] which would make “The Mutants Are Revolting” broadcast season 7‘s season finale as previously hinted.[4] Which will make episode 6ACV13 the season première of broadcast season 8, but given it is a holiday special,[4] broadcast season 8 may already start in December of 2010.

The première for season 6 – and thus broadcast season 7 – is scheduled for 24 June, 2010.[1][2]